Kanata Cowan is a family lawyer, mediator, wife and mom who is passionate about relationships, people and family. She is using her training, industry knowledge and skill to change the way Canadian families experience divorce and separation. She believes that your divorce can be something you can look back on with pride rather than shame.

In 2017 after a series of life changing events, including being robbed, the birth of her daughter, and a long trial Kanata started to look at the way the court system impacted families.  She saw the harm that the family court system caused  both financially and to families future success in parenting in a separated fashion.   Rather than encouraging clients to continue to fight in the system,  she strives to assist families in navigating the legal aspects of their divorce and separation in an amicable and dignified fashion.

I build partnerships with my clients, combining your expertise on you, your spouse, your children and what matters most to you, with my expertise on family law,  negotiation and mediation. We tailor solutions to suit your needs be it mediation, collaborative family law, negotiation, or litigation.