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Mediation is a process in which you and your spouse discuss, negotiate and reach agreements with the assistance and support of a mediator, a neutral person who helps facilitate discussion.

Mediation sessions can take place with or without your lawyers present. Regardless of whether lawyers are present at the mediation sessions or not, each of you will need to have your own lawyer to provide independent legal advice prior to a final agreement being signed. It is usually best to obtain independent legal advice early on in the mediation process to understand the issues.

As a mediator, I use the Interest Based approach and Insight method to settlement. In our mediation sessions, we will talk about settling the dispute by focusing on what matters to your family as well as ensuring we have all of the legal and financial information in the room.

Collaborative Family Law

In Collaborative Practice, each spouse retains a collaboratively trained lawyer who is focused on settlement at every step of the process. The negotiations take place at settlement meetings with all the players in the room. The negotiations are interest based, meaning there is a full exploration of ‘what matters most,’ along with ensuring that there is a good understanding of the legal and financial information, before solutions are tailored to your family’s circumstances.

One of the key components of Collaborative Practice involves a special retainer with the collaborative lawyer whereby the lawyer is not permitted to represent the client in litigation should the attempt at a collaborative resolution fail. This is a key element of the collaborative process as it keeps both the spouses and the lawyers focused entirely on settlement.

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When the use of other forms of dispute resolution fail sometimes going to Court is unavoidable. If that situation occurs, I have extensive courtroom experience having been successful on trials, motions and appeals. Having litigated for over 10 years in different levels of court and in different jurisdictions across Ontario, I understand the court system and its nuances.  We strive to keep you out of court, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

Other Services

  • Negotiating and drafting Separation Agreements,  Cohabitation Agreements  & Marriage Contracts
  • General Family Law Consultations & Guidance
  • Family Law Coaching
  • Unbundled Family Law Advice
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