Intergenerational Mediation

What is Intergenerational Mediation?

Perhaps, Intergenerational Mediation is better described as multiparty, inter-generational mediation. Intergenerational mediation provides a forum for family decision-making. It is private, confidential and completely voluntary. Mediators facilitate a settlement focused conversation in which family members are encouraged to express their interests and concerns. Meetings are informal and are held in locations that meet the family’s needs, including private homes, mediators’ offices and senior living facilities. Intergenerational mediation typically involves larger numbers of parties including older people, family members, friends and others who are willing to give support.

Intergenerational mediation benefits families in a number of unique ways. It provides an opportunity to explore, in a confidential and safe environment, creative win-win solutions that address a broad range of decisions and conflicts that affect an elder’s life.  Since the older person is often able to participate in mediation, either directly or with the assistance of a lawyer, the older person’s dignity is maintained by having a voice in the life choices that are made.

What typical issues are dealt with?

  • Health and medical care (at home, in the community, in the hospital, continuing care and long term care communities)
  • Progressive dementias and other memory impairments
  • Financial issues
  • Guardianship issues
  • Housing issues
  • Living arrangements
  • Intergenerational relationship issues
  • New marriages and step-relative issues
  • Religious issues
  • Family business issues
  • Driving issues
  • Abuse, safety issues, self-neglect
  • Legal issues (estate, inheritance, living will, power of attorney etc.)
  • End-of-life planning and decision-making

    Skills and Training

    Kanata received the Osgoode certificate in Elder Law in 2018.  As well, she has trained with OAFM specifically studying intergenerational mediation and the insight mediation approach.  She is kind, patient and eager to provide support to your family.

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