Scarecrow Style Lady Justice

In Waterdown, where K. Cowan Law is located a Scarecrow walk is taking place for the next three weeks to celebrate Autumn and the wonderful village of Waterdown.  This is an event hosted by the Waterdown BIA.

At K. Cowan Law we prepared an entry, Lady Justice – Scarecrow Style.  She is blindfolded, holds the balance and a sword.  The blindfold represents objectivity in that justice should be without regard to wealth, power or identity.  The scales allow her to weight the merits of the situation.  The  sword is carried to indicate that justice can be swift and final.  She is the personification of what we hope the justice system to be.

Statues of Lady Justice can be found around the world.  In Canada, Justitia stands outside of the Supreme Court of Canada.

We hope you have a minute to stop by for a photo with Lady Justice in Waterdown this Fall.


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